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Tax news

Tax news are daily updated in the Polish version of this site. The news are translated into English within the co-operation with our foreign partner.

Payroll and human resources

a) keeping personal files and employment-related documentation

b) preparing payrolls and calculating salaries

c) preparing PIT (Personal Income Tax) declarations

d) calculating amounts of holday leaves and benefits

e) keeping the full social insurance documentation

f) settling medical leaves and preparing the documentation for the need of obtaining benefits from the Social Insurance Institution

g) preparing employment contracts and any other related documents (additional employment conditions, annexes, agreements, notices of termination, statements, employment certificates, etc.)

h) preparing and settling civil-legal-contracts (mandate contracts, specific task contracts)

i) preparing and submitting return forms to Social Insurance Institution: ZUA, ZCZA, ZCNA, ZZA, ZIUA, ZWUA, RCA, RNA, RZA, RSA, RGA, RMUA, ZPA, ZFA, ZIPA, ZWPA, ZBA, ZAA, DRA