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Tax news

Tax news are daily updated in the Polish version of this site. The news are translated into English within the co-operation with our foreign partner.

Principles of cooperation


"Value for Money" is our principle when it comes to our relations with clients.

The key part of our work is client care by one of our partners. The daily cooperation with a client is in the hands of our accountant, a specialist of a certain field.  In cases of more complex solutions task teams are created in order to work on issues that the client is interested in. Each team is led by a delegated partner of our office and a team leader. 

Respecting time and money of our clients, we focus on meeting their needs promptly.  Quick and open communication is a standard at our office.  What is more, we value clarity when it comes to settlements, including immediate informing on any accounting or tax information that is essential for the company. 

The rates and prices used by our office depend on:

-          - the character and kind of issue as well as the position and experience of the involved

             members of our office

-          - the number of accounting documents

-          - the kind of business activity

-          - revenues

-          - the number of company assets

-          - individual client expectations