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Tax news

Tax news are daily updated in the Polish version of this site. The news are translated into English within the co-operation with our foreign partner.


In our activities, co-operation is the basic thing. This is the most efficient way of gaining information and utilising the knowledge of the others in order to bring the large extent of benefits to the Customers. The co-operation between experts in various fields results in the synergy effect. This means that by utilising the same possibilities much more can be achieved. Only thanks to the co-operation, the equation of 2 + 2 = 5 will become true.

IKG co-operates with professional accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, other accounting offices, and local and institutions granting financing from EU and local funds. We prepare expert opinions for courts and prosecutors as well.
All of these make us possible offer our Customers more for the same price. Whenever the others will give you no more than 4, we can give 5.